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Marketing, the important element of Any Business


The important aspect of the business is marketing. Business is backbone of the business. For a small and intermediate business marketing is the accomplished thing. Your business has to be done in an acclimatized way. If it is not done in an acclimatized way you are collapsing your money and also you won’t be earning the money which you anticipated. And not only you collapsing your money but also you are collapsing your admired time. Time is the best important and an admired thing.

Time plays a basal role in marketing. Time is the best analytic thing in marketing. A complete and absolute genius Dan Kennedy who is one of the world’s greatest marketers says that the three important aspect of business is “3 M” which are the media, the message, and the market.

In other words you must have the correct medium, the correct letter, the brochure, the correct deliver device to reach out to the people. You should have the exact message contained by the medium. The message that you are going to deliver must have the relevant and precise to that person. And of course, the message must have some of adorable offers which must attract that type of client. To reach out to the acclimatized appellant you have to go the exact marketplaces.

Think for a moment- where is the marketplace? Which individual wants your service? And what type of individual is he? Which place do they shop? To which place they go to? What are the elements they actually stare and read at? And how would they secretly brooch something?

So we have to try to look for the right message. We have to offer, what are the best adorable offers we can give to that person? And of course, how are they going to apprehend it? There is no point in thinking of that we are going to publish it in Yellow pages, because, obviously, mums are not going to be picking up the Yellow pages. And additionally there is no point in advertisement it in on billboards. Will they go and apprehend these billboards? Most of them don’t even look at billboards. It's something that's got to be appropriate, and it's got to be below their nose, and it's got to be there at the exact time

So, according to me, the 3 things, as Dan Kennedy says, is you need to get the right media, exact message for the exact marketplace and those are the important elements you can actually think of. And obviously, you again got to get it out at the acclimatized time.