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Online Marketing: Remembering what’s Important


Online marketing is one the most prominent things to do online, if not the most important. Any business hoping to make its mark in the virtual world really needs to get it straight, and there’s no backing out of it. You have to make your presence felt online to as wide a circle of people as possible and as many times as possible.

There are various ways to do this. Social media really dominates the issue here. Social platforms like facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Youtube and filled to the brim with people and youngsters who use these platforms on a regular basis and advertising your product or company there is clearly the easiest way to grab eyeballs. Companies are already setting up Facebook pages and often, ‘liking’ a certain company’s Facebook page has the company give you added benefits. Using such techniques, companies attract potential customers to view their platform and boost their popularity and presence.

Twitter can also be an excellent way to engage with possible customers, not just tweeting out your advertisements but also retweeting and sharing with your potential customers. Outside of social media, other options to explore include “Pay-per-Click” advertising where advertisers pay people with popular blogs and websites money for everytime a certain person click on the advertisement on the blog/website. It’s an extremely viable method since it ensures that a large pool of people see your product, though it is a bit of an expensive one.

Use large and flashy visuals to capture the public’s imagination, especially if you have the kind of advertisement that shows up on the side of a website in banner form. Use very little text and your pictures will do all the talking for you. As they say, a picture is better than a thousand words and you need to cash in on that. Infographics are also a very useful and extremely popular tool, their use on Google is well documented. They operate much like visuals and they actually impart data with very little text, thus killing you two birds with one stone.

While exaggeration has always been how marketing works, one must remember to toe the line and not go overboard since indignant customers are the last thing you want to face and can really cause your stock to go downhill. Also practice the art of writing short, catchy statement; a lot like slogans, nothing enraptures people like slogans do.

The advertisement which really catches the eye is the creative one, which combines visuals, data and text in a way as to really attract the attention of the audience. Get creative with your advertisements, use them to attract the publicity you need.

Online Marketing is therefore a vital part of running a business, any business be it online or in the actual world. The impact of the Internet cannot be underestimated and its reach is far beyond that of traditional marketing and offers a lot of opportunities to exploit. Be aware of the virtual world and it will give back to you twofold.